Android-x86 7.1 R2 Nougat for PC - 2017

For a Step by Step Video of how to

Chih-Wei Huang has announced the stable release of Android-x86 7.1, the new version of the project's unofficial port of Google's Android to standard desktop and laptop computers. This release is based on Android "Marshmallow" and is the first one to support the x86_64 processor architecture

  • OS Type: Linux
  • Based on: Android 6 Marshmallow
  • Origin: USA
  • Architecture: x86 32bit and 64bit
  • Desktop: Android 7 Nougat


Android-x86 is an unofficial initiative to port Google's Android mobile operating system to run on devices powered by Intel and AMD x86 processors, rather than RISC-based ARM chips. The project began as a series of patches to the Android source code to enable Android to run on various netbooks and ultra-mobile PCs, particularly the ASUS Eee PC. 


How to Install Android x86 in a VirtualBox Machine in Windows or Linux on PC or MAC
Want to use Android on your PC? The Android-x86 Project has available to installed on netbooks with supported hardware, but you can also install Android in VirtualBox.


What You’ll Need Before you can get started
You’ll need VirtualBox: Download and install VirtualBox and Download Android x86 ISO the latest one — currently Android 6 (June 2016) to install inside VirtualBox.


Download links:

Android-x86 7.1-r2 live and installation iso (64-bit) (671MB)

Android-x86_6.0 - Remix OS for PC - 64 bit (EFI & Legacy) version: 3+ (1GB)

Read the rest of the release notes for further details. Download (MD5)


Once installed you might need to go to the top right and Turn OFF the auto-rotation, since for a pc most will want it to stay in landscape mode.   Also i found an issue with waking it up from sleep.   So go into settings / Display / Sleep ..  and change to Never Sleep.


This is the NEW October 2017 edition that has more pre-installed apps

Android-x86 7.1 RC2 Nougat for PC - 2017

If you have an INTEL processor then have a look at the

FREE Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager software


Have fun and enjoy.

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