Drone clampdown to get owners registered for UK safety

Drones clampdown to get owners registered for UK safetyUsers will have to pass a saftey-awareness test in bid to prevent their increasing misuse

A drone registration system is to be launched in a bid to reduce the increasing problem of their misuse, the Government has announced.


Drone Owners will need to show they understand safety and privacy laws as government acts after dozens of near-misses with aircraft.


Figures obtained by the Press Association show forces recorded 3,456 episodes last year, almost triple the 2015 figure of 1,237 and more than 12 times the 2014 tally of 283.



The proposed measure will help authorities trace owners when the unmanned gadgets are used inappropriately - with their increased use to fly drugs and other contraband into prison a growing concern.


The new rules, drawn up following a consultation, mean drones weighing 250g or more will have to be registered.


The cost of the scheme is not yet known, but an online or app-based system could be used and users will have to pass a safety awareness test as part of the process.


But it is only the heavier drones of around 2kg that might critically harm an airliner windscreen and only if the aircraft was flying at high-speed rather than during take-off and landing, according to the research.


The Government is now considering the best legislative option for introducing the rules.

It also plans to expand the use of geo-fencing, through which drones are programmed not to enter restricted locations, such as prisons or airports.


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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) called for a register of drone users to be linked to systems which would allow real-time tracking and tracing of the gadgets, to aid enforcement of flying laws.


Aviation minister Lord Callanan claimed the new rules will strike a balance between taking advantage of the benefits of drones while minimising their misuse.



Most Drone operators stay within flight restrictions

As part of the ‘Permissions for Commercial Operations’, and also as responsible drone operators, KFRS will always ensure that the drone is flown:

  • Within the line of sight of a remote pilot.
  • Below 120 metres in height.
  • At least 50 metres from people, property, vehicles and vessels KFRS is not in control of.
  • 30 metres away from people during take-off.
  • Clear of any aircraft, airports and airfields.


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