Levitating Speakers almost like UFO's and Star Wars Death Star

Levitating Speakers almost like UFO's

Levitating Speakers almost like UFO's

Levitating speakers use magnetic levitation, or maglev, which occurs when an object suspends in mid-air, using only magnetic fields for support.


The evitating speaker models provides 360-degree sound.


Futuristic levitating Bluetooth speakers have been around for years. Until recently, however, with the likes of major electronics brands such as Google and Samsung advertising their 360 speakers on TV, these speakers have caught the eye of consumers.


ReVolt Levio and ICE Orb

Both speakers offer 360 sound above a magnetic base and LED lights for constant illumination.

ReVolt Levio and ICE Orb levitating speakers Buy ReVolt Levio Buy ICE Orb

The ICE Orb has Built-in NFC function - allowing any smartphone or tablet with NFC function to pair automatically.

The Levio offers a USB port that allows you to charge your smartphone while listening to your music.

The ReVolt Levio is the least expensive levitating speaker on this list, priced at £75.

The ICE Orb levitating speaker is priced at £109.



With 3D SURROUND SOUND and ability to pair with Bluetooth devices. Can also Play music through Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, Music Hub, etc.

Levitating Bluetooth Speakers MUSIC ANGEL ® Multi-color LED Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Floating Levitation Maglev Speaker 360 Degree Rotating with Build in Microphone & Touchable Panel

The Music Angel also allows Hands-Free Calling feature means you can answer an incoming call at the push of a button on top.


The Music Angel levitating speaker is priced at £79.

Star Wars Death Star

Star Wars themed levitating Death Star Portal speaker Created by Hellosy, the speaker spins in mid-air while you listen to far-out music.

With the ability to float 10mm off its base, the speaker includes an always-on glow and flashing effect


Overall they aren’t much different from other Bluetooth speakers on the market, just a bit more expensive due to extra magnetic base section.

As for asthetics pleasure they rank high, and gimmicky.


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