Portable USB3 HDD very slow on Lenovo Ideacentre

Portable USB3 HDD very slow on Lenovo Ideacentre

Yet more ie issues on Lenovo Ideacentre 700


9pm - Switched to my HP Laptop , and on USB 3 it was up to to a decent 73 MB/s. (which now means another issue for the Lenovo All-in-one.


7pm - After a while i decided to swap to USB 2 port, and was amazed to see a STABLE 39.7 MB/s transfer of my videos and USB 2 would complete 180GB in 1 hour 30 minutes.


7pm - As soon as I click pause, switch back to a different USB 3 port, then transfer speed became erratic and USB 3 would complete 175MB in 2 Hours 30 minutes.

So I record the poor performance and tweet

4:30pm - Delivery was not until 4pm, and I am needing get my data that is now filling up my computer back onto the drive.


First off once unpacked, i notice it has a different design USB3 cable lead (my old cable worked as well), and that I now have a recertified drive.

It connected to the USB 3 port ok and windows gave it a drive letter. ( at least I can now access via usb 3, so thats one error is fixed).


I install the Samsung Drive manager software supplied on the drive, after a reboot the software failed to see the drive in order for me to check or partition it.


So I use windows computer management to shrink and create a second partition.


A quick format to be sure and then to start backing up my camera videos.


Now it seems to be a go very slow on the lenovo only. (refer to top for live updates)

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