SkyFord KUGA Known issues I am getting myself sell cars to customers not as describedFord Diagnostics fail to correctly find Kuga Battery Drain Mainboard faults

Lets see how my experience relates to others on Battery Drain, and mainboard.


Firstly : In 2017 my car suddenly gets a Mainboard Malfunction. The car needs the revs to be kept up or else it stalls. the engine shakes as if a misfire. After leaving the car a few mins, the errors went, but one morning two days later it failed to start completely and had to be recovered.

kuga Engine Mainboard Malfunction U1900


The car went to Hemel, and I was charged for diagnostics which I was told is not included in the Hartwell cover.


They said it was the battery and gave me error codes they got during testing
= U1900 , refers to teh fault in the photo, but nothing was done to fix it as I have had this since.
= U2030 (a sensor fault).


A week later I start getting an error that the Remote key is low battery.

So I go get my spare and use that, all works but another 2 days later and same message.


Thinking it might be related to the main battery, I go to Halfords to have it tested under warranty, at first the tester gives an error and I am told it is due to a drain, and have to remove the power leads.

It turned out to be fine.


Halfords Test says Good Battery


So I searched the web



From Kuga Owners Club

D Moss from Buckingham - Kuga had engine malfunction 




Joined: 25 Jan 2012 
Location: Argyll 
Topic: Unexplained battery drain
Posted: 25 Jan 2012 at 10:06am
Anyone out there had a recurrent battery drain issue? I have had my Kuga for just over a year and all fine. Then 3 weeks ago when I went out to start it once I hit the power button all manner of whizzing and popping nioses, headlights came on, dashboard lights went crazy and this kept up until the battery ran flat. Towed to the dealer who said it was a battery fault. New battery (£240) and back home I go. Three days later exactly the same thing happened. Back to the dealer and a new alternator was fitted (as a goodwill gesture fitted and replaced for free). So I picked the Kuga up on Saturday, drove home some 100 miles, all seemed fine except the parking sensor was going off when there wasn't anything to trigger it when I was reversing. Went out to start her on Sunday and the battery was discharged again. So now it is back at the Dealer and they can't find anything wrong with it. There must be someting draining the battery but nothing is showing up. Help! 
Posted: 26 Jan 2012 at 9:11am Hi Guys, Thanks for all of that. I have never really accepted it was the battery/alternator at fault as no warning light on the dashboard ever lit up and prior to all this no issues at all. I think the dealer had an over-reliance on the diagnostic computer which each time my Kuga was connected up showed no fault, even though I had to have her towed back to them 3 times! Was I making it up! So last time I left her there with the instruction they fix her or I don't want her back. And low and behold the same fault has now occured while she was there. They are now checking the electronics module by module to find which is at fault. Considering the amount of rain we have had here in Argyll water ingress is probably the cause. I love my Kuga, her road handling is great (I drive mostly on single track roads and she has been great in the snow and ice). I'll post back and let you know how I get on.
Posted: 03 Feb 2012 at 8:55am Hi All,
The dealer identified a drain from the bluetooth module which they are replacing free of charge and I should be able to pick my Kuga up this evening. It has taken the dealer exactly 1 month to identify and fix the fault which has been as frustrating for me as it has for them!




Joined: 11 Jun 2013 
Location: Stevenage
Posted: 11 Jun 2013 at 4:33pm

We have had an ongoing problem with our 62 Kuga relating to battery discharge since the beginning of January (it was 2 months old at the time)... 
We came home from a Christmas break and didn't drive the car for around 3 days. Low and behold, the battery went flat and off to Ford it went via The AA who diagnosed a battery drain.
We hadn't used the car since Saturday lunchtime and yesterday morning, it was totally dead. The AA again diagnosed a battery drain. They then switched off the Bluetooth and unpaired our phones from the car. The car is now back with Ford awaiting diagnosis.
We generally use our Kuga every day but would like to know that we can leave it and it will reliably start again.




Joined: 17 Jan 2013 
Posted: 08 Jul 2013 at 9:02pm
So an update on mine.  Fortunately the last service was at a ford dealer, so I got a year's free FordAssist.  So I called them and the AA man turned up and got it started.  He confirmed that there was a permanent current drain of 0.6A even when all car systems had allegedly shut down.  Apparently this is about 10 times what the typical current drain should be under these circumstances.  Got it to the dealer, who kept it for several days and could find nothing wrong.  I even asked if the software had been updated and apparently it has the latest version installed at the last service.  Got it back here and guess what.  4 days later and its flat as a pancake again.   Solution....bought a battery charger and I am now looking for recommendations for a reliable SUV replacement.  Looking at CX5's and X3s.  Are there any other reliable ones out there?



Joined: 30 Jan 2014 
Location: United Kingdom 
 Posted: 30 Jan 2014 at 5:11pm

We have a late model 2012 Kuga 2.0TDi Titanium that over the last few months started to develop a battery drain issue.
Here is a brief summary of the issues we've had and the solution.

It started around Sept last year when I came out to use the car and it wouldn't start.
I had some jump leads so got it going assuming it to have been lights etc that had been left on. Not too long after it happened again and since then we have had around a total of 10 occasions of a flat battery.

It went into Ford on the 3rd occasion where they kept the car overnight, charged the battery, tested the drain but found no problem and said unless they could reproduce the issue they couldn't do anything.

So the next time it happened it went back, same story, no fault found.

On the next few occasions the AA checked the alternator, battery and drain again.

From reading up on the forum and the AA's Ford knowledge we knew that there was a decreasing current drain up to around 10mins after turning the ignition off. But as the drain had caused a complete flat battery everything seemed to get reset with a jump that nothing could be found.

At this point we had also made our thoughts know to Ford UK and the head of the dealership via social media about the lack of progress and frustration with a faulty car. This prompted both to contact us to inquire more about the situation.

I took it back again to Ford and suggested the Bluetooth module could be the issue as we had always connected the iphone and streamed music on the occasions immediately before the flat battery episodes. 

The car was taken back into Ford for a firmware check and we had the car returned again with no faults showing.

Day or so later the battery was flat.

This time they wanted the car returned as it was without jumping, so it was towed in (dealers are 1mile away) and left with them. 

The dealer contacted Ford UK and the next thing we know is the BT module was replaced and the car returned.

After having the BT module configured correctly (it wasn't initially upon return) so far so good!!
Had it back and used the car for a few days now and no issue.

Hopefully it is now sorted.

Moral of the story?
Don't take no for an answer, be persistent but reasonable, if you feel like you are getting nowhere take it higher, and thanks to the forum we had some great information to help us!.



Kuga King! 
Kuga King!
Joined: 10 Jul 2012 
Location: Wearside
Posted: 02 Feb 2014 at 8:32pm
Loads of posts on this issue, problem is caused by voice control module in Bluetooth not closing down, hence draining battery. Think Ford have finally sorted this with software update. Mine had it 3 times before dealer finally sorted it. Some voice control modules need to be changed before latest software update, but that is determined by dealer


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